Hướng dẫn lập trình xuất xung tốc độ cao PLC LSIS dòng XGB

Programming guide for high-speed pulse output PLC LSIS XGB series

Introduce high-speed pulse output PLC LSIS XGB XGB is a micro PLC that offers maximum performance at minimum cost. With its high functionality, XGB supports simple control systems to complex tasks. Strengthening its communication functions, XGB offers user-oriented integrated control. Based on its strengths, XGB can be used in many application fields. Devices In this article, I use PLC XBG XBC-DN30S Pulse Generation(built-in position) Pinouts and connections XBC-DN30S Pulse output: P00040 X axis, P00040 Y axis Direction output: P00042 X axis, P00041 Y axis Pinouts INPUT. Pulse Programing Device Configuration You configure the correct device plc you are using. Next,...

Vùng nhớ thanh ghi đặc biệt trên PLC DELTA

Special register device on PLC DELTA

Delta PLC programmer is a control system using electrical operation. It is easy to control storage, easy to expand, and the functions of sequence/position control, timer and check-out/output are widely used in industrial control. For each PLC brand has its own special memory areas, Below are the PLC DELTA special register memory areas. Special M bit on PLC DELTA M1000*Monitor normally open contactM1001*Monitor normally closed contactM1002*Enable single positive pulse at themoment when RUN is activate (NormallyOFF)M1003*Enable single negative pulse at themoment when RUN is activate (NormallyON)M1004*ON when syntax errors occurM1008*Watchdog timer (ON: PLC WDT time out)M1009Indicate LV signal due to...

Hướng dẫn Điều khiển vị trí bằng xung và tín hiệu hướng (MINAS A5/A5E/A6SG/A6SF)

Guide Position control by pulse and direction signal (MINAS A5/A5E/A6SG/A6SF)

This article is intended to help you set up the MINAS servo drive system. It is based on information from the MINAS series manual and our practical experience. The step-by-step guide will teach you how to connect the PLC to the MINAS servo driver and set up the most important parameters. Functional overview Position control is a control mode in which the motor moves the load to a position-defined target. The servo driver can be controlled by a pulse train in the frequency range 1Hz to 8MHz from a host controller such as a PLC or CNC controller, or by...

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