Kết nối OPC DA C# và KepwareV6

Connect OPC DA C# and KepwareV6

I. Introducing OPC DA What is OPC DA? OPC DA (OLE for Process Control - Data Access) is a communication standard in the field of automation and process control. OPC DA is used to transfer data from automation devices and systems to computer applications such as HMI (Human-Machine Interface), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and data management systems . Special of OPC Compatibility: OPC DA enables communication between devices and applications from different manufacturers without having to worry about incompatibility. High reliability: OPC DA is designed to ensure high stability and reliability in data transmission from device to application. Scalability:...

Instructions to connect PLC S7 Siemens  with .NET library  on Visual Studio

Instructions to connect PLC S7 Siemens with .NET library on Visual Studio

Connecting .NET to a Siemens S7-1200 PLC is an important process for controlling and monitoring devices in industrial environments. To make this connection, you need to use Siemens libraries or available third-party libraries. Currently we can use the Sharp7 library or S7Net on Microsoft's NuGet Package Manager. Sharp7 library with Siemens Here is a rough guide to connect .NET to Siemens S7-1200 using TIA Portal and Sharp7 library (a popular C# library for connecting to Siemens PLC devices): Step 1: Prepare Install TIA Portal: Make sure you have installed the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation) version suitable for PLC S7-1200. Install...

EPLAN Electric P8 API: Quick tips for creating design drawings

EPLAN Electric P8 API: Quick tips for creating design drawings

What is EPLAN Electric P8 software? EPLAN Electric P8 software, the main product of the German company EPLAN, is a professional and comprehensive program for planning and managing automation projects, designing and creating drawings related to systems. control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics as well as drawings of various manufacturing fields. Electrical engineers use this software to design drawings in accordance with the latest international standards for various components of industrial automation. What is the EPLAN API? The EPLAN API gives you the ability to add functionality to EPLAN and integrate it into your company operations. Using the EPLAN API, you can program...

Guide Reporting data Wincc to Excel

Guide Reporting data Wincc to Excel

Creating and maintaining machine data records is a very important part of keeping the machine running efficiently. For example, monitoring downtime and downtime is critical to providing proper maintenance on a machine, while logging breaks and other events can help provide Provides detailed information on how to troubleshoot any system. Maintaining these data logs sometimes requires the purchase of additional software and hardware, as well as several programs to integrate everything together. For Siemens, specifically WINCC software, we have many ways to put data and display them. For purposes of analysis, evaluation, storage, reporting. In this article, I will use a...

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